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Skywarn Communications Area
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SKYWARN,  founded in the early 1970s, is an NWS sponsored group of volunteers who report observations of hazardous weather to their servicing forecast office. Amateur radio operators are a big part of Skywarn because their communications infrastructure provides a dependable network over which to collect and relay weather reports, especially during widespread events that can knockout land-based phone lines. However, Skywarn is open to EVERY resident who has an interest in weather and wishes to help their neighbors by submitting reports of hazardous weather to their local NWS forecast office or local law enforcement.

Maintained by a dozen or so Skywarn volunteers, this center provides a link between the NWS and all amateur radio operators in the Mount Holly CWA and beyond. It is staffed by licensed amateur radio operators during widespread hazardous weather events.

A basic training session is necessary to become a Skywarn volunteer. These 3 hour training sessions, which are free and open to the public, are conducted periodically throughout the Mount Holly CWA. Whenever training sessions are scheduled, they are listed on the Skywarn section of our homepage under the Training tab. Skywarn volunteers are urged to review their training every two years.