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Stubborn East Coast Low; Locally Heavy Rain in the Four Corners Region

A stubborn area of low pressure will keep conditions inclement for parts of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast with rain showers and gusty winds through Wednesday. Meanwhile, locally heavy to excessive rain is possible across the Four Corners region over the next couple of days. Read More >

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Users can send storm reports via email to the following email address: Please provide the following information:
  • Name and/or Skywarn ID
  • Phone number
  • City, county, and state
  • Latitude and longitude (if known)
  • Date and time of the weather event
  • Type and description of weather observed (see the table below)
  • Photographs of measurement and/or damage, if possible
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What to Report?



Winter Weather

  • Tornado
  • Funnel cloud
  • Wall cloud
  • Persistent rotation
  • Flooding that results in evacuations
  • Water rescues: cars, roofs, or trees
  • Water rapidly rising, or entering homes, not just basements
  • Roads impassable or closed due to high water
  • Small streams or rivers overflowing their banks
  • Moderate coastal flooding, not just nuisance inundation
  • 1”+ snow in 24 hours
  • 1”+ snow in past hour
  • Freezing rain/drizzle
  • Any ice accumulation



  • Tree uprooted or downed
  • > 1 large limb downed
  • Power lines downed
  • Hail (any size)
  • Rain > 1” in past hour
  • Winds > 40 MPH
  • Damage to structures
  • Tsunami

Any injuries or deaths that are weather related


Note: Lightning is not a reportable phenomenon, but lightning related damage and casualties are.