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The National Weather Service Mount Holly SKYWARN Program migrated from a county to regional based structure in January 2017. This framework consists of the Delmarva (Delaware/Maryland), New Jersey, and Pennsylvania Regions. The goal of this is twofold: to increase the number of severe weather reports and to address a number of counties in which there were no coordinators in place.

The SKYWARN Team recognizes that local knowledge is vital. To that end, both Coordinators and Assistant Coordinators from the county system are strongly encouraged to participate in the regional structure. Ultimately, their roles will be determined based upon the expertise and location of each individual, as well as the need in each area (spotters). Additionally, members of the former county based structure that are not interested in participating in the regional structure are asked to contact only NWS Mount Holly (see table below), so that we may update our records.

This is a very exciting time to be part of the Mount Holly SKYWARN Program. Those who would like to contribute to the bright future of this program, whether you’re a former, prospective, or existing member, may contact the Regional Coordinator in your respective area.


            Contact Information


NWS Mount Holly

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Sarah Johnson

         SKYWARN Focal Point




Regional Coordinators

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JJ Farnan



Dennis Dura

New Jersey

Lou Ruh




            Map of Regions


There are three regions within the NWS Mount Holly County Warning Area (CWA):

  • Pennsylvania Region (blue)
  • New Jersey Region (brown)
  • Delmarva Region (green)