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Fire Weather Concerns for Parts of California; Cool Temperatures for Much of the Midwest and East

Hot and dry conditions will continue through Friday across portions of California, resulting in critical fire weather conditions. Poor air quality will also persist over the West Coast and Plains due to wildfire smoke. Elsewhere, much of the Midwest and eastern U.S. will experience cool weather into Saturday. Heavy rainfall will result in some flooding concerns over South Florida. Read More >


FTPA31 PHFO 011120
NSTU 011120Z 0112/0212 09007KT P6SM FEW020 SCT045=

SAZS31 NSTU 011202
METAR NSTU 011150Z 11010KT 10SM SCT017TCU SCT040 BKN100 28/25 A2991
RMK TCU N-E AND OHD SLP127 70010 8/410 T02750248 10277 20272 57012=

METAR Formatted Surface Weather Observation  Issued: 10/01/2020 01:02:21 AM SST

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