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Forecast Information

The Coastal Waters Forecast is issued by WSO American Samoa. The High Seas Forecast for the South Pacific, which includes the waters around American Samoa is issued by WFO Honolulu.

Coastal Waters Forecast for American Samoa

High Seas Forecast


Buoy Information 

The Aunu'u buoy is owned and maintained by Pacific Islands Ocean Observing System (PacIOOS). The data is available on their website, as well as on the National Data Buoy Center website. 

Aunu'u, American Samoa Buoy Information from PacIOOS

Aunu'u, American Samoa Buoy Information from National Data Buoy Center

Pacific Analyses/Forecasts
Chart Name Chart Times
Pacific Surface Forecast
12Z Charts: 24 hr 48 hr 72 hr
00Z Charts: 24 hr 48 hr 72 hr
Pacific Streamline Analysis

00Z 06Z 12Z 18Z Loop

Pacific Wind Wave
Analysis and Forecasts

00Z Charts: Analysis 24 hr 48 hr 72 hr
12Z Charts: Analysis 24 hr 48 hr 72 hr

Tidal Information

Tides for Pago Pago, American Samoa

Tides for Tau, Manua Islands, American Samoa

Interactive Map for Tidal Information

Data from
Tides for Pago Pago
10/29/2020 06:05 PM2.6High
10/30/2020 12:14 AM0.2Low
10/30/2020 06:17 AM2.5High
10/30/2020 12:23 PM0.2Low
10/30/2020 06:38 PM2.6High
10/31/2020 12:51 AM0.2Low
10/31/2020 06:53 AM2.4High
10/31/2020 12:56 PM0.3Low
10/31/2020 07:13 PM2.6High
Tides for Tau
10/29/2020 05:40 PM3.7High
10/29/2020 11:50 PM0.2Low
10/30/2020 05:52 AM3.5High
10/30/2020 11:59 AM0.2Low
10/30/2020 06:13 PM3.7High
10/31/2020 12:27 AM0.2Low
10/31/2020 06:28 AM3.4High
10/31/2020 12:32 PM0.3Low
10/31/2020 06:48 PM3.7High