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The information below shows how Colorado ranks with respect to lightning activity as compared to the rest of the United States. This information is part of the Colorado Lightning Resource Page.


Based on data since 1980, lightning causes 2 fatalities and 12 injuries per year in the State of Colorado.

El Paso county has the most number of lightning casualties (fatalities + injuries). Click here for county-by-county information.

In an average year,  about 500,000 lightning flashes hit the ground in Colorado.  

Colorado ranks 19th in the Nation with respect to the number of Cloud-to-Ground (CG) lightning flashes (2009-2018).

When you look at the average Cloud-to-Ground flash density over the state, Colorado ranks 32nd in the Nation [the average flash density over the entire state of Colorado is 4.8 Flashes per kilometer squared (2009 - 2018 data)].

In recent years, Colorado was tied for 7th in the Nation when it comes to lightning fatalities  (years 2008-2018). When you look at a longer period of time, Colorado ranks 4th in the Nation for fatalities (years 1959-2019).

More information about CG lightning across the United States can be found here.