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Strong to Severe Storms in the Northern and Central High Plains; Very Hot Temperatures in South Texas and Florida

Scattered strong to severe thunderstorms capable of producing severe winds and hail are likely to develop this afternoon in the northern and central High Plains. Isolated large hail and heavy rainfall will also be possible in southwest Texas. The combination of high surface temperatures and high humidity will lead to heat index values up to 110 degrees in portions of south Texas and Florida. Read More >


During the afternoon of June 1, 2018, a storm dropped four tornadoes around Gillette, WY.

Based on video evidence, a brief tornado touched down about 11 miles west of Gillette. It was located between Montgomery Road and Echeta Road, south of the Oriva Hills subdivision. It was on the ground for about four minutes, from around 1:34 pm MDT until 1:38 pm MDT. Since there was no visible damage, this tornado was rated as EF-0.

As the first tornado dissipated, a second tornado developed just north of the first one. The second tornado touched down about 10 miles west northwest of Gillette around 1:41 pm MDT. It traveled in an east northeast direction and dissipated around 1:52 pm MDT. It was on the ground for around 11 minutes over the Oriva Hills subdivision. The tornado destroyed and damaged numerous homes and outbuildings, rolled vehicles, and snapped electrical transmission poles and trees. The majority of damage associated with the tornado was consistent with an EF-1 and EF-2 tornado, but the most severe damage was consistent with an EF-3 tornado. Therefore, this tornado has been rated EF-3, with winds estimated around 136 mph.

The third tornado was a short-lived landspout. It developed 3 miles north northeast of Gillette, in the Warrior Hills Subdivision. It was on the ground for one half mile, from around 1:55 pm MDT until 1:56 pm MDT. It damaged a large shed, flipped a camper onto a vehicle, destroyed another camper, and damaged several wooden fences. This tornado has been rated as EF-1, with winds estimated around 90 mph.

The fourth tornado touched down over the west pit of the Eagle Butte Mine at 1:59 pm MDT, about 7 miles north of Gillette. This tornado traveled in an east northeast direction for around 8 minutes before dissipating just east of the Dry Fork Power Plant around 2:07 pm MDT. This tornado snapped and bent over seven power poles, damaged the control room building at the mine, and damaged several vehicles at the Eagle Butte Mine and Dry Fork Power Plant. A dumpster was also thrown a few hundred yards. This damage has been rated EF-1, with winds estimated around 100 mph.

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