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Storm reports from the National Center for Environmental Information (NCEI) are available in two different formats:

"Storm Data" is a monthly publication that contains a chronological listing, by state, of severe storms such as tornadoes, thunderstorm wind gusts, hail, lightning, floods, winter storms, high winds, hurricanes, extreme cold spells and heat waves, and other unusual weather phenomena. The detailed reports include the location, time, magnitude (hail size, wind speeds, snowfall); and any property or crop damage, injuries, and deaths. The information is collected by local National Weather Service offices from damage surveys, emergency managers, law enforcement agencies, cooperative observers, “SKYWARN” spotters, news media, and the insurance industry. The “Storm Data” publication is free online in Portable Document Format (PDF), so a PDF viewer is required to view and print these files.

The data is also available from the national Storm Events Database. This site allows users to search for particular events by specifying the state, county, date(s) and type of events. The database includes tornadoes since 1950, severe thunderstorms since 1955, and all other weather events since 1996.

Both the “Storm Data” publication and reports in the Storm Events Database are available 90 to 120 days after the event.  If an event or damage isn’t listed in either the publication or the database, it was not reported to the National Weather Service.

Requests for certified, official copies of storm reports must be made to the NCEI, not local National Weather Service offices.