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Date Posted: June 26, 2017

Below is the list of the education resources from the 2017 NWS Back to School campaign:


NWS Owlie Skywarn Facebook ( and Twitter (@NWSOwlieSkywarn)

NOAA Outreach Facebook Page:

GOES-R Education:

SOS Explorer: 

NWS Safety Campaigns:

NWS Owlie Skywarn Education:

NSSL HotSeat:

NWS JetStream:


NOAA Education:

Ocean Today Water Cycle:

NWS JetStream Hydrologic Cycle: 

WRN Ambassador:

The Adventures of Owlie Skywarn and Sanctuary Sam:'s2016Book.pdf

Aim a Hurricane: 

NOAA Games Planet Arcade:

JetStream Science Experiments & Lesson Plans:

Weather Prediction Center Maps:

NCEI Data Access:

Solar Eclipse Information:

NOAA Volunteer Programs:

NWS Citizen Science:

NWS Careers:

NOAA Student Opportunities:

Space Weather Education:

Climate Education:

Owlie’s Weather Ready Educational Activity:

NOAA Elementary Science:


FEMA Education:


AMS Education:

Raytheon WRN Safety Modules:

Young Meteorologist Program:

Smithsonian Weather Lab:

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