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Date Posted: July 23, 2019

Below is a compiled list of Back to School 2019 resources:


NWS Owlie Skywarn Social Media: Facebook ( and Twitter (@NWSOwlieSkywarn)

NOAA Education:

NWS Social Media:

NOAA in your Backyard:

NWS Education:

NOAA Resource Collections:


National Centers for Environmental Information

NOAA Planet Stewards Education Project:

NSSL HotSeat Simulator:

Symbol-supported weather safety materials made specifically for individuals with disabilities.

NWS Homepage:

The National Hurricane Center Create-a-Cane:

Weather-Ready Nation Ambassadors:

NWS Citizen Science:

NWS Seasonal Safety Campaigns:

Smithsonian Weather Lab:

Data in the Classroom El Niño:

NOAA Games:

NWS Careers:

NOAA Student Opportunities:

Science on a Sphere Explorer:


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