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FLOOD WATCH: Minor to locally moderate flooding possible due to snowmelt, rainfall, and record warm temperatures

Temperatures well above seasonal averages will continue to contribute to snowmelt across the North Country. Temperatures will reach the upper 50s to lower 60s in many areas on Saturday. A cold front moving in late in the day will result in a half inch to one inch of rainfall. The most significant threat of flooding will occur late Saturday and Saturday night. Read More >

The primary way to become a certified SKYWARN™ storm spotter is to take the National Weather Service's online SKYWARN™ Spotter Training offered on the COMET/MetEd website located here. An alternative method is by attending one of our on-site SKYWARN™ training sessions. These are occasionally advertised online at the top of our website at You may contact our SKYWARN™ program leader John Goff at, or our Warning Coordination Meteorologist Scott Whittier at additional questions or details. If you would like to set up a talk, here are the general requirements.

SKYWARN™ reports can be relayed from your location to the National Weather Service via volunteer ham radio, by calling our toll free SKYWARN™ weather spotter telephone number (provided to you when you join). An on-line storm report off our webpage is also available, or you may post through our local Facebook page at