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Winter Weather Advisory for Wintry Mixed Precipitation Monday Evening through Tuesday Evening across the North Country

A wintry mix of precipitation will spread from south to north this evening and become heavy at times overnight into Tuesday morning. Total snow and sleet accumulation of 4 to 6 inches is expected with locally higher amounts possible especially in the higher terrain and eastern slopes. Read More >

The primary way to become a certified SKYWARN™ storm spotter is to take the National Weather Service's online SKYWARN™ Spotter Training offered on the COMET/MetEd website located here. An alternative method is by attending one of our on-site SKYWARN™ training sessions. These are occasionally advertised online at the top of our website at You may contact our SKYWARN™ program leader John Goff at, or our Warning Coordination Meteorologist Scott Whittier at additional questions or details. If you would like to set up a talk, here are the general requirements.

SKYWARN™ reports can be relayed from your location to the National Weather Service via volunteer ham radio, by calling our toll free SKYWARN™ weather spotter telephone number (provided to you when you join). An on-line storm report off our webpage is also available, or you may post through our local Facebook page at