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Thunderstorms, Rain, Flooding and Snow Over the Weekend

A cold front will produce isolated strong to severe thunderstorms, locally heavy rain and possible flooding from Texas and the Arklatex to the Ohio Valley and central Appalachians this weekend. Meanwhile, a narrow streak of heavy snow is likely across Upper portions of the Midwest, Mississippi Valley and Great Lakes. Finally, dangerous Santa Ana winds are expected across southern California. Read More >

WFO BTV Lake Champlain Forecasts
Notice: Wave height forecasts represent the average of the highest one-third (33%) of waves (measured from trough to crest) that occur in a given period. Since the Significant Wave Height is an average of the largest waves, mariners should be aware that many individual waves will probably be higher.

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Current Conditions

Last Updated on 1:00 PM EST Sun Feb 28 2021
Location Tmp
Water Temp
Colchester Reef37S13G14N/AN/A
Diamond Island36S7G1034.7N/A
Burton Island36S5G9N/AN/A
Inland SeaN/AN/AN/AN/A
Valcour IslandN/AN/AN/AN/A
Champlain Bridge BuoyN/AN/AN/AN/A
Note: Marine observations listed above are maintained outside of the control of NOAA/NWS, and thus, may be old or missing at times. Colchester Reef, Diamond Island, and Burton Island are owned by the Forecast Ecosystem Monitoring Cooperative. Valcour Island and Champlain Bridge buoys are owned by SUNY Plattsburgh. Inland Sea buoy is owned by VT EPSCoR.
Lastest data from the USGS gage at Burlington
as of 02/28/2021 2 AM

Level: 94.51 feet    Temp: 34 degrees
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    USGS Gage at Rouse's Point, NY

    (near real-time)

    USGS Gage at Burlington, VT

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    USGS Gage at Port Henry, NY

    (near real-time)
    USGS Gage at Whitehall, NY

    (near real-time)


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    The Science Behind the Creation of the Lake Champlain Forecast


    The National Weather Service in Burlington produces the Lake Champlain recreational forecast from April through December, twice per day at approximately 4 am and 4 pm, with updates made when weather conditions become unrepresentative. Forecasts are valid for either 36 or 48 hours dependent on issuance time, and predict winds, significant wave heights, sensible weather, and associated restrictions to visibility if applicable over the open lake waters. Text, graphical and "point and click" forecasts are available to the user. In addition to these official forecasts, the NWS in Burlington produces a Lake Champlain model forecast which is run 4 times daily. These "model produced" forecasts are created automatically, with no human involvement and predict winds and wave heights only. They have been shown to predict these elements reasonably well under most conditions, and provide an extra source of information to those wanting access to more data. However, having no human involvement should throw caution to the wind and during most situations boaters should refer to the official NWS forecast for the most accurate and representative information. Click here for answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding the Lake Champlain Recreational Forecast process.


    Lake Champlain Ice Coverage


    During the ice season, typically from December through April, images will be regularly posted on this page to give winter recreational enthusiasts using the lake a rough idea of ice coverage. The imagery is 10 meter resolution data from the European Space Agency Sentinel-2 polar orbiting satellite, which on clear or predominantly sunny days will show approximate ice coverage on the lake. The times of the images vary, but usually are within an hour or two of local noon when the satellite passes occur. Please note that ice may be clear or opaque in the pictures with a few apparently open water areas possibly having a thin, clear cover of ice. Thus this page is intended as a reference source only, and those planning winter activities on the lake should make use of additional resources to determine more precise ice coverage and thickness in their area of interest. 



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    WFO BTV Higher Summits Forecasts

    Mountain Point Forecasts

    *** Higher summits forecast is valid for 3000 to 5000 foot peaks *** 

    ***PLEASE NOTE***
    During the traditional Mud Season (approximately mid-April to Memorial Day), the Vermont Department of Forests and Parks, and New York's Department of Environmental Conservation closes trails, or institutes a voluntary closure, asking hikers to refrain from traveling. This is done to protect sensitive alpine vegetation and trail erosion.

    Mount Mansfield Current Conditions

    9:05 AM EST Sun Feb 28 2021
    Temperature: 26F
    Wind Direction: -9999°
    Wind Speed: 0 mph
    Wind Gust: 0 mph

    Click here for more data
    Regional Mesonet Profile

    Mount Mansfield Daily Summary

    Mount Mansfield Snow Depth