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Here's our latest thinking on storm timing Saturday evening into early Sunday AM. A few storms may occur to the west and northwest of the DFW Metroplex in the evening hours. These storms may be severe with a tornado and hail risk, but the primary hazard will be damaging winds. Thereafter, they will likely grow upscale into a line of storms, resulting in mostly a damaging wind threat. There will be an enhanced threat for brief spin-up tornadoes within the line, as well as with any storms that MAY develop ahead of the line. For midnight and beyond, most activity should be in the form of a squall line promoting a continued risk for damaging winds. Brief spin up tornadoes cannot be out as well as a threat for hail.
Rain chances are low this afternoon and evening, but there are three opportunities for convection. This afternoon, some showers and storms are possible east of a Cooper to Corsicana to Cameron line. A cap should limit the extent of storms, but with considerable instability, any storms that are able to develop this afternoon could quickly become severe with large hail and damaging winds. An isolated tornado cannot be ruled out. Late this afternoon and evening, some thunderstorms may form along a dryline to our west and could move into areas west of a line from Gainesville to Weatherford to Stephenville. These storms could potentially be severe with a threat for damaging winds, hail, and possibly an isolated tornado. Finally, a line of storms, likely severe, will start moving in from the northwest late this evening.
Showers and thunderstorms will develop ahead of a cold front late this evening through overnight hours. The highest chance for severe weather will be in areas north of a Comanche to Athens line. Some of the storms may be severe producing damaging downburst winds and large hail. A brief tornado or two cannot be ruled out with storms that develop ahead of the front. Cloud to ground lightning will accompany any of the storms and locally heavy rain could result in some flooding. Expect gusty northerly winds behind the front that will sweep through the Bowie to Breckenridge areas by midnight Saturday night and through the Palestine to Cameron areas by late Sunday morning.
A series of cold fronts will shape the temperatures the next several days. After a cloudy start to the day today, the sun will warm temperatures into the 80s. It will be the last humid day for a while as a cold front will move through the region tonight, bringing with it widespread thunderstorms, some of which may be severe. The sun will re-emerge, and Sunday will be mild but breezy. Temperatures will reach 80 degrees in some locations on Monday before the next front arrives. A warming trend through the middle of the week will get afternoon temperatures back into the 80s by Thursday. A stronger cold front will arrive late in the week, bringing with it the next chance for rain.
Here is some information on Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA). Take time to review this information as we prepare for severe weather across the region!

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Average Date of...
  • First 100° Day - July 1
  • Last 100° Day - August 26


Earliest First Occurrence
Rank Date Temperature
1 Mar 9, 1911 100
2 Mar 21, 1916 100
3 Apr 17, 2006 101
4 Apr 18, 1925 100
5 May 4, 1947 100
6 May 6, 1998 100
7 May 27, 1928 103
8 May 28, 1927 107
May 30, 1985 103
May 30, 2003 100


Latest Last Occurrence
Rank Date Temperature
1 Oct 3, 1951 106
Oct 1, 1979 102
Oct 1, 1938 101
4 Sep 29, 2011 101
Sep 28, 1953 105
Sep 28, 2005 104
7 Sep 27, 1977 101
8 Sep 25, 1931 100
Sep 20, 2016 100
Sep 20, 1954 100
Sep 20, 1937 100


Latest First Occurrence
Rank Date Temperature
1973 none
1906 none
3 Aug 23, 1989 101
4 Aug 19, 1905 102
5 Aug 16, 1903 100
6 Aug 11, 2007 100
7 Aug 10, 1992 100
8 Aug 8, 1968 100
Aug 7, 1919 100
Aug 7, 1908 100
Earliest Last Occurrence
Rank Date Temperature
1 May 30, 1928 101
2 Jul 12, 1904 103
3 Jul 14, 1933 104
4 Jul 16, 2004 100
5 Jul 22, 1971 100
6 Jul 25, 2002 100
Aug 1, 1920 100
Aug 1, 1914 100
9 Aug 3, 1912 102
10 Aug 4, 1961 100