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Here's our latest thinking on storm timing Saturday evening into early Sunday AM. A few storms may occur to the west and northwest of the DFW Metroplex in the evening hours. These storms may be severe with a tornado and hail risk, but the primary hazard will be damaging winds. Thereafter, they will likely grow upscale into a line of storms, resulting in mostly a damaging wind threat. There will be an enhanced threat for brief spin-up tornadoes within the line, as well as with any storms that MAY develop ahead of the line. For midnight and beyond, most activity should be in the form of a squall line promoting a continued risk for damaging winds. Brief spin up tornadoes cannot be out as well as a threat for hail.
A threat for organized severe weather will occur Saturday evening through early Sunday morning ahead of a strong cold front. Some of the storms may be severe producing damaging winds and hail. A brief tornado or two cannot be ruled out. Expect gusty northerly winds behind the front that will sweep through the Bowie to Breckenridge areas by midnight Saturday night and through the Palestine to Cameron areas by late Sunday morning.
Here is some information on Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA). Take time to review this information as we prepare for severe weather across the region!

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