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Active Weather Continues in the West; Potent Cold Front to Move Through the East this Weekend

A complex weather system will continue to bring active conditions over the Western U.S. through early Saturday, including more heavy snowfall through the Rockies. Farther east, a potent cold front will advance through the Ohio Valley Saturday, bringing rain and a few strong thunderstorms. As the front clears the east coast on Sunday, colder and gusty conditions will return. Read More >

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Synopsis: A prolonged snow event brought 3 to 4.5 feet of snow to some of the western mountains from late Saturday,
January 7, through Wednesday, January 11, 2017. Snowfall of 1 to 2 feet was common in the Jackson and Star valleys, with higher amounts in the neighboring foothills. These totals were updated Thursday, January 12, to account for snowfall that fell during the day Wednesday but was not reported until Thursday morning.

Storm Total Snowfall: Late January 7 through January 11, 2017
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NOUS45 KRIW 171929

Public Information Statement
National Weather Service Riverton WY
1224 PM MST Fri Nov 17 2017

A potent winter storm continues to send a stream of Pacific moisture
into Far Western Wyoming. This snowy event is expected to persist
through this afternoon although more showery in nature. The
following are snow totals that have accumulated around the area thus

Observations are collected from a variety of sources with varying
equipment and exposures. We thank all volunteer weather observers
for their dedication. Not all data listed are considered official.

Snotels (Snow Telemetry) are remote sensing sites in the mountain
watersheds.  Snowfall data from SNOTELS are estimated based on snow
water equivalent.

Location                              Snowfall

Big Horn County...
 Shell Creek Snotel...                2 inches.
 Powder River Pass...                 2 inches.
 Bone Springs Divide Snotel...        2 inches.
 Bald Mountain Snotel...              1 inch.

Fremont County...
 Brooks Lake...                      16 inches.
 Hobbs Park Snotel...                15 inches.
 South Pass Snotel...                13 inches.
 Deer Park Snotel...                 12 inches.
 Burroughs Creek Snotel...            9 inches.
 Little Warm Snotel...                5 inches.
 Townsend Creek Snotel...             4 inches.
 Castle Creek Snotel...               2 inches.
 Cold Springs Snotel...               2 inches.
 Dubois...                          0.5 inches.

 Johnson County...
 Cloud Peak Reservoir Snotel...       4 inches.
 Bear Trap Meadow Snotel...           2 inches.
 Little Goose Snotel...               1 inch.
 Soldier Park Snotel...               1 inch.
 Hansen Sawmill Snotel...             1 inch.

Lincoln County...
 Blind Bull Summit...                20 inches.
 Spring Creek Divide Snotel...       15 inches.
 Indian Creek Snotel...              13 inches.
 Commissary Ridge...                 12 inches.
 Willow Creek Snotel...              10 inches.
 Blind Bull Summit Snotel...          8 inches.
 Hams Fork Snotel...                  7 inches.
 Kelley Ranger Station Snotel...      7 inches.
 Salt River Summit Snotel...          5 inches.
 Box Y Ranch...                       5 inches.
 Cottonwood Creek Snotel...           4 inches.

Natrona County...
 Reno Hill Snotel...                  3 inches.
 Casper Mountain...                   2 inches.

Park County...
 Younts Peak Snotel...               10 inches.
 Beartooth Lake Snotel...            10 inches.
 Blackwater Snotel...                10 inches.
 Kirwin Snotel...                    10 inches.
 Evening Star Snotel...               5 inches.
 Wolverine Snotel...                  5 inches.
 Marquette Snotel...                  3 inches.
 Timber Creek Snotel...               2 inches.

Sublette County...
 Triple Peak Snotel...               13 inches.
 Loomis Park Snotel...               11 inches.
 East Rim Divide Snotel...            7 inches.
 14 NW Pinedale...                  6.5 inches.
 Snider Basin Snotel...               6 inches.
 Gunsite Pass Snotel...               5 inches.
 Big Sandy Opening Snotel...          5 inches.
 Larsen Creek Snotel...               5 inches.
 Kendall Ranger Station Snotel...     5 inches.
 Pocket Creek Snotel...               3 inches.
 New Fork Lake Snotel...              3 inches.
 Elkhart Park G.S. Snotel...          2 inches.
 Boulder Rearing Station...           1 inch.
 Pinedale...                        0.7 inches.

Sweetwater County...
 Green River...                     0.2 inches.

Teton County...
 Jackson Hole - Raymer...            20 inches.
 Jackson Hole - Rendezvous Bowl...   20 inches.
 Jackson Hole - Mid Mountain...      18 inches.
 Phillips Bench Snotel...            14 inches.
 Togwotee Pass Snotel...             13 inches.
 Grand Targhee - Chief Joseph...     12 inches.
 Gros Ventre Summit Snotel...        11 inches.
 Grassy Lake Snotel...               10 inches.
 Togwotee Mountain Lodge...           9 inches.
 Grand Targhee Snotel...              7 inches.
 Base Camp Snotel...                  7 inches.
 3 SSW Wilson...                    6.5 inches.
 Snow King Ski Area...                4 inches.
 Snake River Stn Snotel...            4 inches.
 Jackson Dam...                     2.5 inches.
 3 NNE Wilson...                      2 inches.
 Snow King...                         2 inches.
 5 NW Jackson...                      2 inches.
 Moose...                           1.8 inches.
 Jackson Hole - Base...             1.5 inches.

 Yellowstone National Park...

 Lewis Lake Divide Snotel...         21 inches.
 Thumb Divide Snotel...              12 inches.
 Parker Peak Snotel...               11 inches.
 Two Ocean Plateau Snotel...         10 inches.
 Sylvan Lake Snotel...                8 inches.
 Sylvan Road Snotel...                8 inches.
 Canyon Snotel...                     4 inches.
 Lamar Ranger Station...            0.3 inches.




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