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Weather Awareness Safety Guide Introduction
Families should be prepared for all hazards that affect their area. The National Weather Service (NWS), FEMA, and the American Red Cross encourage families to develop a family disaster plan.
The following guide will help you with information and safety tips on WEATHER hazards in New Mexico. Click here for a graph of weather hazards in New Mexico that resulted in injuries or deaths. Other hazards, such as earthquakes, are possible in our state.  Please gather information on all hazards, meet with your family, and create a plan. Once you have developed your plan, practice and maintain it.
One of the most important things that you can do is to assemble a disaster supplies kit containing:
  • First aid kit, including prescription medicines.
  • Canned food and can opener (not electric).
  • Bottled water (a 3-day supply--include one gallon per person per day).
  • One change of clothing and footwear per person.
  • One blanket and sleeping bag per person.
  • Rubber boots and rubber gloves.
  • Emergency tools, including a NOAA Weather Radio, battery-powered radio, flashlight, and extra batteries.
  • An extra set of car keys and a credit card or cash.
  • Any special items for infants, the elderly, or disabled family members.

Clear blue skies in New Mexico can change quickly and create life threatening conditions.  The National Weather Service Offices in Albuquerque, El Paso (Santa Teresa) and Midland remind you to always keep an eye to the sky and listen for the latest forecasts and warnings.  Weather tragedies can be prevented when you know and use the weather safety rules.

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