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Conditions remain MVFR to VFR this afternoon with a BKN-SCT
cloud deck of cumulus across the region. Winds northwest 5-8 
knots will become light/variable tonight. High pressure will 
start building in tonight, though moist conditions underneath 
the subsidence inversion will allow fuel alternate- to-IFR 
ceilings to develop at KELM-KITH-KBGM. There is a lower
probability of fuel alternate cigs at added a tempo
group. May see MVFR cigs and/or vsbys at KAVP tonight.
Conditions will improve to VFR after 13-14Z.

Tuesday afternoon through Thursday...Mainly VFR.

Thursday night through Friday...Chance of showers/restrictions
as frontal system moves through. Thunder also possible Friday.

Saturday and Sunday...VFR.


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