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The image below shows how to access the climate page, as well as other climate and past weather information.

Figure 1.


This is the layout of the climate pages that National Weather Service offices have for their county warning areas.


The tabs will allow the user to view information on this climate page. Most users will want the Observed Weather, and the Local Data/Records tabs. Clicking on the Local Data/Records tab will allow the user to find local Averages, Records, and other locally derived information.  For more available climate locations click on the NOWData tab.
After clicking on Local from the front page, and displaying the Observed Weather page the user can find the following information;
  • Daily Climate Report (CLI) - daily climate data for Binghamton, NY, Syracuse, NY and Scranton, PA. Contains that day's highs, lows, heating/cooling degree day, records etc.
  • Preliminary Climatology Data (CF6) - Daily high, lows, average, heating/cooling, highest winds etc for the month selected.
  • Record Event Report (RER) - When a record occurs at Binghamton, NY, Syracuse, NY and Scranton, PA.
  • Monthly Weather Summary (CLM) - Monthly climate information.
  • Regional Summary (RTP) - Regional temperature and precipitation summary.
  • Seasonal Climate Report (CLS) - 3 month climate summary of temperatures, precipitation etc.
  • Annual Climate Report (CLA) - annual climate summary of temperatures, precipitation etc.
In addition, the user can find previous versions of this information on this page.
The graphic below shows how to display the current Preliminary Climatology Data (CF6). 
Figure 3.
  • Step 1. - Select Preliminary Climatology Data (CF6)
  • Step 2. - Select the location
  • Step 3. - Select the time frame to Most Recent
  • Step 4. - Click on Go button
If the user wishes to display a previous month, instead of selecting Most Recent on Step 3., select Archived Data and then the month/year, then click on the Go button. 
Figure 4.
About 5 years of Preliminary Climatology Data (CF6) is available from this page.
Some other locations can be found on the NOWData page.
Additional Information can be found at,
Northeast Regional Climate Center
1123 Bradfield Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853-1901
607-255-2106 (fax)


National Climatic Data Center
Federal Building
151 Patton Ave.
Asheville, NC 28801-5001
828-271-4876 (fax)