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  • Location: Wyalusing in Bradford County Pennsylvania
  • Date: February 24th, 2016
  • Estimated time: 7:20 PM EST
  • Maximum EF-scale rating: EF1
  • Estimated maximum wind speed: 100 mph
  • Maximum path width: 100 yards
  • Path length: 1 mile
  • Beginning lat/lon: 41.72 north / 76.29 west
  • Ending lat/lon: 41.73 north / 76.28 west
  • Fatalities: 0
  • Injuries: 0

The information in this statement is preliminary and subject to change pending final review of the event(s) and publication in National Weather Service Storm Data.

The National Weather Service in Binghamton NY has confirmed a tornado near Wyalusing in Bradford county Pennsylvania on February 24th 2016.

Around 7:20 PM EST, a tornado touched down just south of Route 6, a few miles north of Wyalusing. The EF1 tornado tracked across Route 6 and lifted. Most of the damage was to trees with a couple homes seeing roof damage. A garage was also heavily damaged.

The last time Pennsylvania saw a tornado in February was February 16th, 1990 in Boalsburg, PA in the State College area. This tornado was rated an F1 which is comparable to today's EF1 rating scale. Additionally the tornado had a path length around 1 mile.

EF Scale

  • EF0: wind speeds 65 to 85 mph.
  • EF1: wind speeds 86 to 110 mph.
  • EF2: wind speeds 111 to 135 mph.
  • EF3: wind speeds 136 to 165 mph.
  • EF4: wind speeds 166 to 200 mph.
  • EF5: wind speeds greater than 200 mph.

The map below shows the approximate path of the tornado. To view a damage photo, click on one of the numbers on the map.


Radar loop of National Weather Service radars for the eastern part of the U.S. Loop runs from 7:08 PM EST 02/23/2016 to 6:58 PM EST 02/25/2016.


Base reflectivty radar loop from the NWS radar site at Binghamton, NY. The EF1 tornado occurred around 7:20 PM EST in the Wyalusing Pennsylvania area.