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A storm system moved up the Unitied States east coast from Tuesday December 9 through Thursday December 11, 2014. The storm system, also known as a Nor'easter, produced varying snowfall amounts with a highest amounts across parts of central New York.

Nor'easter: A strong low pressure system that affects the Mid Atlantic and New England States. It can form over land or over the coastal waters. These winter weather events are notorious for producing heavy snow, rain, and tremendous waves that crash onto Atlantic beaches, often causing beach erosion and structural damage. Wind gusts associated with these storms can exceed hurricane force in intensity. A nor'easter gets its name from the continuously strong northeasterly winds blowing in from the ocean ahead of the storm and over the coastal areas.


The following maps shows selected preliminary snowfall amounts across parts of New York and Pennsylvania. These are preliminary amounts and appreciation is extended to cooperative observersSKYWARN spotters, those following us on Facebook and Twitter, highway departments, public and the media for these reports. Some of the reports used to create the maps can be found in this table. Click on a map for a larger view.

Preliminary snowfall for December 9 - 11, 2014. Click for larger view. Preliminary snowfall for December 9 - 11, 2014. Click for larger view.


Satellite/Surface analysis and regional radar loops. Click to view a loop.

Loop of satellite/surface maps. Click to loop.


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