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Welcome to the NWS Duluth Science web page, where you can find various information to help you learn more about meteorology. Feel free to explore the different information that we have collected below.

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Science Resources



A collection of writeups and summaries of major weather events that have impacted the Northland.


Have you ever wondered, what is Lake Effect Snow? It has a major impact on winter weather conditions around the area. Find out more about it here!


Find tools, reference materials, and handy websites for teaching and understanding meteorology.


Recent Science Stories

Occasionally we will post a Top News story explaining some aspects of meteorology, or highlighting a particular weather phenomena that recently affected the region. These recent stories, along with other interesting recent information concerning the science of meteorology will be posted here. We will keep the 5 most recent stories linked here.

You can view more Top News stories in our archive.

Other Local Science and Tutorials

In these PDF files we will explain how to use various parts of our web site using screen captures and text explanations.


  How to Use the Hourly Weather Graph and Activity Planner (1.4MB)
  A Look into the Timing of Hazardous Winter Weather Conditions
  The Danger Degree Project
  The Post Storm Survey Project


Page last updated: March 19, 2015