National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce

August 12, 1974

During the afternoon, a storm system produced tornadoes that touched down in both Iowa and Delaware Counties. 

Around 4:30pm, the town of Ryan in Delaware County, located north of Cedar Rapids, was hit by a F4 tornado.  The tornado was on the ground for about 5 miles and had a width of about 400 yards.  Approximately 30 homes were destroyed in the town of Ryan.  There was also extensive damage to St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, Great Plains Lumber Company, and the West Delaware grade school.  There were 12 injuries that occurred with the tornado that hit Delaware County.  Damage estimates from the storm totaled about 2.5 million dollars.

Another tornado touched down in Iowa County.  The tornado hit around Ladora, IA which is southwest of Marengo.  The F4 tornado traveled roughly 2 miles.  There were two injuries reported with this storm.  About six houses were damaged and total estimates from the storm were around 250,000 dollars.