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Public Information Statement...Service Change Notice 
National Weather Service Quad Cities IA/ IL 
411 PM CST Thu Feb 8 2018

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From: Stephan Kuhl
      NWS Quad Cities IA/IL

Subject: Flood Stage Adjustments for the Rock River at Como, IL (CMOI2) 
         Effective February 9, 2018

Effective Friday, February 9, 2018, the National Weather Service Quad 
Cities IA/IL (WFO DVN) will change action and flood stages for the Rock 
River at Como, IL (CMOI2). 

Discusssions between the NWS, local Emergency Management, and the USGS 
have found that following the relocation of the streamgage, old flood 
stages for this location are no longer representative. New levels have 
been determined based upon impacts from various flood events in the 
past, as well as statistical recurrence intervals. The updated stages 
are as follows:

    Action Stage: 10.0 ft                 
    Flood Stage: 12.5 ft 
    Moderate Flood Stage: 15.5 ft 
    Major Flood Stage: 18.0 ft

Real-time stage information for this site and many other locations in 
the local area can be found at

The National Weather Service welcomes feedback. Any questions regarding 
this change or any information regarding impacts for areas within the 
reach of the CMOI2 river gauge should be directed to:

    Jessica Brooks 
    Service Hydrologist 
    National Weather Service 
    Quad Cities IA/IL 
    9040 Harrison St 
    Davenport IA 52086 

    Phone: 563-391-7094