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NOAA Weather Radio Station WXL61 Cedar Rapids Has Been Returned to Service

Updated April 25, 3 P.M.

NOAA Weather Radio (NWR) station WXL61 in Cedar Rapids, IA is back on the air. Several parts were replaced, including cables and a new antenna, were installed. We are sorry for the inconvenience of the weather radio being off the air and appreciated your patience with the repair and outage. 

Here is a list of NOAA Weather stations providing some coverage overlap with station WXL61.

It is important to have multiple ways to receive weather warnings.

NOAA Weather Radio is one of many ways to stay informed about hazardous weather near you. In addition, we encourage individuals to sign-up for emergency alerts in Linn County which includes weather warnings. NWS warnings are also communicated via the Emergency Alert System to commercial radio, commercial television and cable systems. Most local broadcast meteorologists disseminate NWS warnings and they are widely available on the Internet, including at Further, there are many private sector weather apps that you can download which relay our warnings. The public also receives NWS warnings via Wireless Emergency Alerts sent to cell phones.