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July 27, 2017 Heavy Rain and Catastrophic Flooding in Kansas City


Overnight on July 26 - 27, 2017 heavy rain caused major flash flooding across portions of the Kansas City Metro area. The rain started across northern Kansas City around 9 pm, and continued to train across the metro through the early morning hours. Most locations experienced 3+ hours of heavy rain rates approaching 1-2 inches per hour. The results were widespread precipitation totals of 5 to 7 inches of rain. This caused catastrophic flooding along several local streams, including Indian Creek in Overland Park, Kansas and Tomahawk Creek in Leawood, Kansas. Numerous swift water rescues were performed across the city and surrounding areas, including a live televised rescue at a restaurant along Indian Creek at 103rd and Wornall. 


Time lapse of the heavy rain as it moved through Kansas City. Image to the right is the storm total precipitation 

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One of the hardest hit areas in the Kansas City Metro was along Indian Creek near 103rd and Wornall. Several car dealerships in that area had merchandise inundated and washed away due to the record flood for Indian Creek. Also at that intersection was a restaurant that had two of its owners trapped in the rafters of the business as waters rushed into the building. The owners were rescued by fire fighters when they rode a motorized raft to the building and extracted the owners through the roof. This rescue took place on live television. This narrative was not unique to this location, as water rescues took place in numerous areas across Kansas City. 



Flooded areas near 103rd and Wornall

Image Courtesy NewsChopper9 KMBC


Cars submerged near 103rd and Wornall 

Image Courtesy NewsChopper 9 KMBC


Car dealership near 103rd and Wornall 

Image Courtesy NewsChopper 9 KMBC



Two streams in Kansas City saw record flooding as a result of 5 to 7 inches of rain falling across the area.


Radar estimated precipitation July 26-27, 2017


Indian Creek near State Line Road had record flooding (27.96 feet), which caused damage to nearby car dealerships and businesses. 

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Tomahawk Creek near Roe Avenue had record flooding (20.81 feet).

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