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After a generally rainy and cloudy, enough sunshine broke through late in the afternoon to enable a supercell thunderstorm to develop, along a southeastward advancing cold front. The supercell produced several tornadoes with a rating up to an EF-1. The first tornado formed just southwest of Hillsdale Lake and trekked eastward toward the Kansas/Missouri border. This tornado did quite a bit of damage to residences in Miami County (KS), with several of those structures being completely destroyed. The second tornado formed in western Cass County. This tornado did some damage to structures in the Freeman, Missouri area, but not as many structures were affected as with the earlier Hillsdale Lake Tornado. This [2nd] tornado impacted Cass-Midway High School during high school football festivities. Thankfully school administrators heeded warnings and evacuated the outdoors portions of the night's events shortly before the tornado impacted the school. The 3rd and final tornado was brief, and occurred just south of Harrisonville. Storm chaser footage confirmed the tornado as it cross I-49 near the Walmart distribution center in Harrisonville. 

Football scoreboard at Cass-Midway High School lies on the ground, after its supports gave way in a tornado that went through the area on the afternoon of September 18, 2015.
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