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August 28, 2008 Severe Weather Summary


 After a very hot and muggy day in which temperatures soared into the upper 80s to middle 90s, and dew points rose into the 70s across much of Missouri and Kansas, a weak cold front interacted with an upper level disturbance moving across the northern plains and pushed south into central and southern Missouri. The combination of the frontal boundary and the upper level energy provided enough lift to allow several strong to severe thunderstorms to form during the late afternoon and evening hours of Thursday, August 28th.  Below is a preliminary map of storm reports that occurred with severe thunderstorm activity.


Local Storm Report Graphics
7am August 28 - 7 am August 29, 2008

Kansas City Metropolitian Reports Area Local Storm Reports
Kansas City Metropolitian Reports Area Local Storm Reports


 Local Storm Reports


Time (GMT) County City Type Magnitude
08/28/2008 21:40 Daviess,MO Coffey Wind Gust 60 mph  
08/28/2008 21:52 Andrew,MO Avenue City Hail 0.88"  
08/28/2008 22:12 Dekalb,MO 5 W Stewartsville Hail 0.75"  
08/28/2008 22:15 Grundy,MO Trenton Tstm Wnd Dmg    
08/28/2008 22:36 Jackson,MO 3 Sw Independence Hail 0.88"  
08/28/2008 22:40 Jackson,MO Kansas City Hail 0.88"  
08/28/2008 23:08 Jackson,MO Blue Springs Hail 1.0"  
08/28/2008 23:10 Macon,MO Macon Tstm Wnd Dmg    
08/28/2008 23:10 Jackson,MO 6 N Lees Summit Hail 0.88"  
08/28/2008 23:12 Jackson,MO 2 Sw Blue Springs Hail 1.5"  
08/28/2008 23:15 Linn,MO 2 S New Boston Tstm Wnd Dmg    
08/28/2008 23:30 Johnson,KS 1 W Edgerton Hail 1.75"  
08/28/2008 23:35 Randolph,MO Moberly Tstm Wnd Dmg    
08/28/2008 23:45 Miami,KS 7 Nw Paola Hail 1.75"  
08/28/2008 23:50 Lafayette,MO 6 Sw Odessa Tstm Wnd Dmg    
08/29/2008 00:10 Johnson,MO Holden Tstm Wnd Dmg    
08/29/2008 00:10 Macon,IL Warrensburg Tstm Wnd Dmg    
08/29/2008 00:45 Pettis,MO La Monte Tstm Wnd Dmg    
08/29/2008 00:57 Cass,MO Creighton Tstm Wnd Dmg    
08/29/2008 01:00 Henry,MO 3 E Creighton Tstm Wnd Dmg    
08/29/2008 01:05 Cooper,MO Otterville Tstm Wnd Dmg    
08/29/2008 01:15 Cooper,MO 3 S Prairie Home Tstm Wnd Dmg  



Not only did these thunderstorms provide scattered large hail and damaging wind gusts, but also pockets of heavy rainfall. Much of this rain was a welcome site across the region (particularly across east central Kansas through central Missouri, which has seen little in the way of rainfall during the entire month of August). Below is a graphic of storm total rainfall for the event lasting from the late afternoon of August 28th through the morning of August 29th.


Storm Total Rainfall Aug 28-29
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Wind Damage Pictures

Below are a few pictures of wind damage from around the area.  As you can see in the picture, several large trees were blown over.


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