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Heavy Rain and Flooding Affect Eastern Kansas Through Central Missouri

The partial remnants of Tropical Depression Dolly, which impacted the lower Texas Gulf Coast nearly a week ago, ushered copious amount of deep tropical moisture into the central plains and Midwest overnight. As an upper level system from the central Rockies interacted with Dolly's remnants, numerous showers and thunderstorms developed across eastern Kansas through central Missouri. The slow movement of the storm system coupled with the training and back building individual cells set the stage for very heavy rainfall and flooding. Widespread amounts of 2 to 4 inches were noted from extreme eastern Kansas through central Missouri. Along the Interstate 70 was particularly hard hit with upwards of 5 to 8.5 inches of rain being recorded overnight. Several flash flood warnings were issued overnight with numerous reports of flash flooding received. In addition, several rivers responded to the rainfall prompting several river flood warnings to be issued.

The image on the left shows the 24 hour storm total precipitation ending at 7AM on July 30th. The image on the right shows the 24 hour storm total precipitation ending at 7AM on July 30th for the Kansas City Metro.

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The image below depicts the atmospheric setup which resulted in heavy rainfall and flooding across the NWS Kansas City/Pleasant Hill forecast area.  (click to enlarge)