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Snow in Georgia
March 2, 2010

An upper level disturbance traversing the western portion of the United States February 28 and March 1, 2010  helped to develop a surface low along the Texas coast on March 1. This surface low pressure system tracked along the Gulf coast and advected moisture ahead of the system into Georgia from both the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. By Tuesday, March 2, the surface low moved across southern Georgia and the Florida panhandle  and by that afternoon, had moved into the Atlantic Ocean along the Carolina coast. This system brought both rain and snow to the state. Precipitation started as rain and began moving into western Georgia just before midnight on March 2. During the morning hours on March 2 the precipitation continued moving across the state and changed to snow across north Georgia. The snow proceeded to change back to rain during the afternoon and ended across eastern Georgia late in the evening. Snowfall amounts averaged from 2 to 4 inches across north Georgia. However, higher values were reported across northeast Georgia with reports of 9.0 inches in Union county.

For the 2009-10 season, all four climate stations rank in the top 10 for highest snowfall amounts. The 1.1 inches of snow reported in Atlanta on March 2, 2010 brings the current snowfall total to 5.3 inches for the season. This ranks number five for the highest seasonal (July 1 to June 30) snowfall totals in Atlanta. Athens received 5.0 inches of snow this year, ranking number ten for highest snowfall totals for the area. Macon tied 1939-40 and 1976-77 for the fifth highest snowfall this season with 3.0 inches received through March 2nd. Two inches of snow has fallen in Columbus this season, tying with the 1978-79 and 1981-82 seasons for third highest snowfall.

Map of Snowfall Amounts

map showing snowfall amounts on March 2, 2010

Upper level and Surface maps. ( click images to enlarge )

[ Surface image from March 1st. ]
Surface Weather map on March 1, 2010 (Courtesy NCEP/HPC)
[ 500 mb map from March 2nd. ]
500mb Heights on March 1, 2010 (Courtesy NCEP/HPC)
[ Surface image from March 2nd. ]
Surface Weather map on March 2, 2010 (Courtesy NCEP/HPC)