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Resources for students (all ages) and educators. Materials range from puzzles and games, lesson plans, brochures and career information for weather related fields, such as meteorology, hydrology and climatology.

Site designed to help educators, students, or anyone interested in learning about weather and weather safety. Content is arranged by subject area, such as global and large-scale weather patterns. 


Fun videos, games, printables, and many other resources for students and educators. Topics include: storms, tides and oceans, atmosphere, water and ice, satellites and technology, weather forecasting and space weather. 


NOAA’s central resource site for teachers, students, and the general public. Learning and teaching resources about the ocean and the atmosphere. 


Resources for K-12 educators, university faculty, students and the public. Content includes videos, games, simulations, classroom activities, articles and much more. For high school and college age students information regarding careers in science is also available.


The National Severe Storms Laboratory webpage is home to resources for educators, students, and the general public about severe weather and weather safety. 


Games geared to help kids learn about Space. 


The U.S. Geological Survey’s (USGS) Water Science for Schools website offers information on many aspects of water, along with pictures, data, maps, and an interactive center. 


Web-based instructional resources and curriculum for educators. Subjects include meteorology, climate, and remote sensing. 


Educator resources such as lesson plans, videos, classroom-friendly data, student opportunities & more!

College Student Volunteer Program 

NWS Peachtree City/Atlanta, GA


The NWS Peachtree City/Atlanta, GA Volunteer Program is a way for students interested in a future career with this National Weather Service to gain experience in our operations. Through weekly meetings, you will gain a better understanding of what we do in the NWS as well as how we interact with partners. In addition, you will work on a project of your choosing through the semester to see how your coursework can apply to operations. This program is run for the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters to provide more opportunities as we can only take a limited amount of volunteers. 


Application Periods


Fall & Summer                                                                 Spring

Applications Due: March 15th                                                    Applications Due: Mid/Late September

Selections Made: Late March/Early April                                   Selections Made: Mid to late October


Volunteer Information


What you can expect

  • Weekly in-person sessions at our office to work on projects, shadow forecasters, launch weather balloons, learn more about NWS etc.

  • Ability to go to outreach events, visit an ASOS/COOP site, launch a weather balloon

  • Learn about how the NWS interacts with partners



  • The program is only open to current students who are majoring in Meteorology/Atmospheric Sciences or a related field.

  • Must be able to commit to coming in person to the office at least once a week

  • Must be interested in a future career with the NWS

  • A security check will be required for this internship

    • ​For the Security Check you will be required to provide a form of ID proving US Citizenship


How do I apply?

  • Fill out the application using this form.

  • Email your resume to with subject line Student Resume - Your Name.

  • Your application will not be considered unless you do both of the items above.

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