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Snow in North Georgia

February 8, 2020



Event Summary
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Event Summary

In a break from an otherwise very mild winter season, a brief bout of snow fell across much of north Georgia on the morning of Saturday, February 8th. Sufficient moisture remained in place such that a quick-moving upper disturbance produced precipitation during the morning. With temperatures hovering near or below freezing, the precipitation fell as snow for the northern Atlanta metro and northward while the remainder of the area experienced a cold rain.
Snowfall totals ranged from a dusting up to around 6-7" in parts of the north Georgia mountains. Temperatures rebounded fairly quickly, and the snow only lasted for a day or less before melting. Despite the snow's short stay, many people were able to enjoy the morning snow since it occurred on a Saturday.

Snow Accumulation Map:

Above: Snow accumulated from the northern Atlanta metro and areas to the north with amounts as high as around 6-7" in portions of the north Georgia mountains.

Event Photos

Snow as it began falling in downtown Dalton.

(courtesy of Dalton Police)

Dalton, GA

About 4" of snow accumulated in the Gainesville area. (courtesy @alleycatrn)

Gainesville, GA 

Several inches of snow accumulated in the Maysville area. (courtesy Ken Cook)

Maysville, GA

Snow accumulated across the northern Atlanta suburbs, including here at the Chattahoochee River in Roswell. (courtesy Dianne Boss) 

Roswell, GA