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F2 Tornado Produces Damage in Coweta County
January 7, 2007
by Matt Sena, Trisha Palmer, Brian Lynn, Kent Frantz, & Frank Taylor

[ radar image at time of tornado ]

Just days after being hit by a destructive tornado, residents of Coweta County were hit again. This time the southwest portion of the county, near Lake Blalock, was in the crosshairs. A tornado rated F2 on the intensity scale created a path of damage over 4 miles long and up to about 200 yards wide. Numerous trees were knocked down or broken in half. Several homes suffered significant damage - with at least one totally destroyed. Remarkably, there were reportedly no injuries.

On Sunday, January 7, 2007, a line of showers and thunderstorms pushed into Georgia from the west. The air was unusually warm for the time of year. One thunderstorm formed just ahead of the line and developed rotation. When this cell merged into the line, a tornado formed that made contact with the ground around 640 pm EST.

The National Weather Service Forecast Office in Peachtree City, who had issued a Tornado Warning in advance of the storm, conducted a survey of the damage the following day. This was done to determine the strength of the winds and to assign an intensity rating to the tornado. The survey was conducted from both the air and ground. When the work of the survey team was done, they issued a Public Information Statement...


"The National Weather Service has confirmed that an F2 tornado touched down Sunday evening at approximately 640 pm EST. The damage started near Bohannon Road and New Corinth Road, near Lake Blalock. Minor tree damage was noted at this point. The tornado traveled parallel to New Corinth Road and crossed I Walker Brooks Road and Joe Brown Road... destroying one home. At this point the wind was estimated to be between 125 and 135 miles an hour. The tornado continued northeast across Earl North Road causing minor to moderate damage to homes along the way. In addition, numerous trees were downed along the path."
[ damage path south of Newnan and west of Moreland ]

Damage Photos from Coweta County Tornado ( click images to enlarge )
[ aerial view - close-up of home destroyed ]
Aerial view - close-up of home destroyed
[ Aerial view of hard hit area ]
Aerial view of hard hit area
[ aerial view of home destroyed ]
Aerial view of home destroyed
[ aerial view of tree on home ]
Aerial view of tree on home


Map backgrounds courtesy Georgia Department of Community Affairs