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All-Hazards Incident Support Page

An Emergency Manager’s Resource for NWS Support during All-Hazards Incidents


Your Weather Source for...
  • Fires
  • HAZMAT Spills
  • Radiological Spills
  • Chemical Releases
  • Oil Spills
  • Biological Releases
  • Terrorist Incidents
  • Nuclear Incidents
  • Aircraft Accidents 
Spot Forecast

HYSPLIT Model Run Output Examples

SPOT Training
Spot Forecast and HYSPLIT Training

  ...Spot Forecasts and HYSPLIT Model Runs for Incident Support Are Available...

Public Safety Officials can request an All-Hazards Incident or Non-Wild Fire Spot Forecast and HYSPLIT model run from the Peachtree City National Weather Service (NWS) Forecast Office. For training on Non-Wild Fire Spot Forecasts and HYSPLIT model runs, click on the "Spot Forecast and HYSPLIT Training" tab above. Otherwise, just follow the short instructions below to submit a spot forecast request.    

  • The Spot Forecast website can be accessed by clicking on the Spot Forecast tab above. 
  • On the Peachtree City Spot Forecast Page, select Submit a new Spot Request.  

Fill out the Spot Forecast Request Form, making sure to:

  • Select HAZMAT under Project Name if applicable.
  • Select one of the three Non-Wild Fire selections under Reason for Spot Forecast Request.
  • Give latitude & longitude of the incident or HAZMAT location (decimal format). 
  • Give fuel or chemical type.
  • Provide current weather observations in the incident area if available, i.e. temperature, dewpoint, winds, etc.
  • Identify the forecast elements desired.
  • Provide any additional information that might influence weather elements such as the effect of terrain on wind direction.
  • IMPORTANT: If you also desire the weather forecast office to run a HYSPLIT model of your incident, please request this in the Remarks section of the Spot Forecast Request Form (preferred method of request) or call the Peachtree City NWS Office on the EMA Hotline Number.
  • When you submit a Spot Forecast request, an alert message will be sent to the Peachtree City Forecast Office. The NWS Forecaster will immediately prepare the requested spot forecast and then submit the product to the national web server for the customer to review on the internet.
  • To review your requested spot forecast, return to the Spot Forecast page and look for the name of your spot request. If review on the Internet is not possible, an email, fax or official phone call will be used to pass on the forecast information.
  • The HYSPLIT model run, a KMZ and GIF file, will be emailed to you. Please make sure you include your email address when requesting a HYSPLIT model run.

...On-Site Incident Weather Support is Available...

In some cases, on-site weather support can be provided at EOCs and Incident Command Posts. During large and prolonged incidents, the NWS Office in Peachtree City can dispatch an on-site meteorologist to provide critical wind, temperature, relative humidity, precipitation and dispersion forecasts. These on-site meteorologists are trained in the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and can deploy weather equipment at the incident location, download model and weather data on-site, and provide critical weather briefings to the command team.

Emergency Managers or other Public Safety Officials wishing to request on-site weather support during an incident, or just wanting to learn more about the on-site weather support program, should call the NWS office in Peachtree City, GA.