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Flood Safety Preparedness Week
March 8-12, 2021
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March 8-12, 2021 is Flood Safety Preparedness Week for the state of Georgia. Flooding is no stranger to the Southeast and can often leave citizens little or no time to prepare or evacuate. Since January 2015, 644 flooding events have occurred in Georgia, amounting to $20.1 million in damages. The Epic Floods of September 2009 remains one of the most catastrophic flooding events in Georgia's modern history, causing 10 deaths and over $500 million in damages from flooding and flash flooding combined. 

Although Flood Safety Preparedness Week is observed in the Spring, flooding in Georgia can occur throughout the year. It's important for Georgians to know how to prepare for and respond to flooding hazards.

This week is an opportune time to learn about and prepare for flooding events. Topics include:


When flooding occurs, we rely on our partners and customers to report flooding in their communities! Not only do these reports help the National Weather Service verify warnings, but they help meteorologists and hydrologists better relate radar and rain gauge data to corresponding weather. If you observe flooding in your area, report it to the National Weather Service at 1-866-763-4466. To learn more about the spotter program, visit the Storm Spotter Information page.


For additonal information regarding Flood Safety Preparedness Week please visit the links above or the national page using the QR code below.


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