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Georgia Ice Storm - January 25 - 27, 2004

Icing started in northeastern Georgia late Sunday January 25, 2004 and spread down the eastern side of the state before ending early on the 27th. Many eastern counties saw ice - mainly in trees and on power lines. In some counties, ice accumulation became heavy enough to bring down limbs, trees and power lines.

Suwanee, GA (Gwinnett County) courtesy Erin Pelham
[ ice accumulation in trees ] [ ice accumulation in trees ]

N.E. Habersham Co. Georgia, 2.5 miles SW of Tallulah Falls, Ga. courtesy Shane Adams
[ ice accumulation in trees ]

near Cornelia, Habersham County, Georgia courtesy "Jed"
[ ice in trees ] [ ice in trees ] [ ice in trees ]

Additional photos sent in from: Crawfordville, Chestnut Mountain, Richmond County, and Clayton