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Frances Pays a Visit to North and Central Georgia
September 7, 2004

[ track of Frances ] The remnants of Tropical Storm Frances pushed out of the Florida panhandle into southwest Georgia Monday September 6 and plodded north into the Atlanta Metropolitan area late Tuesday September 7. Bands of moderate to heavy rain swirled broadly across the state, resulting in several inches of rain. (Radar and gage estimated rainfall totals for Georgia). Winds of 30 to 40 mph, with gusts near 50 mph whipped trees, broke limbs and knocked down power lines over a wide area. Scenes like the ones below were common across Central Georgia and around the greater Atlanta Metropolitan area.

Summary of Storm Reports received.

Image of Frances as a hurricane over Florida

Common sights across North and Central Georgia. Photos courtesy Bryan Bennett, WRBL-TV Columbus. ( click images to enlarge )
[ trees or limbs down in yard ] [ repairing power lines ]
[ tree snapped ] [ rivers and streams at bankful ]