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Hall County wind damage - 7/23/00

Kevin Olson took these pictures of damage near Lula in Hall County on 7/23/00 in the wake of a supercell thunderstorm that produced lots of hail in the county and a couple of weak tornadoes. This damage was on Cornelia Hwy (52) south of Whitehall Road and near the intersection of Noah Martin Rd. The picture of the funnel cloud (first in the series) was taken looking due east of this location around 6:30 to 6:45 pm. The funnel cloud was in its rope stage and dissipated shortly after this picture was taken.

all photos courtesy meteorologist Kevin Olson

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tornado/funnel 'roping out' tree down on road and power lines colse-up of tree down on power lines and across road

tree fell on car stand of trees no longer standing