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Snow in Georgia
March 1, 2009

On Sunday, March 1st, precipitation wrapping around a low pressure system which tracked across Georgia from south of Columbus to near Athens, brought a swath of snowfall across portions of north and central Georgia. Light rain began ahead of the upper low during the early morning hours, and changed over to a rain snow mix over west Georgia around 8am and then to all snow by late morning. The combination and timing of the cold air and moisture created the largest area-wide snow event since 2002. Snow fell across the area through the day and into the evening hours, exiting east Georgia late Sunday evening. The map below shows the snowfall amounts across north and central Georgia.

Map of Snowfall Amounts
map showing snowfall amounts on March 1, 2009

Pictures from Space. ( click images to enlarge )
[ Satellite image from March 2nd. ]
Satellite image from March 2nd, showing the swath of snow across Georgia.
[ Satellite image from March 3rd. ]
Satellite image from March 3rd, showing the swath of snow across eastern Georgia..

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