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Hail and High Water Across Portions of Georgia
March 27, 2005
An early Spring storm brought hail, several inches of rain, and the threat of tornadoes to Georgia on Easter Sunday, March 27, 2005. Although tornadoes failed to materialize, large hail pelted several areas - mostly in North Georgia, and flooding rains hit mainly the central section of the state. Some of the notable hail reports included baseball size hail in Pickens County, golfball size hail in Forsyth County, and hail the size of quarters in Dawson County.
    MARCH 26 & 27, 2005
Atlanta 2.92 inches
Athens 2.61 inches
Columbus 4.36 inches
Macon 3.74 inches
Plains 7.14 inches
Cordele 6.43 inches
Dublin 5.91 inches
Jeffersonville 4.34 inches

Jean Swann of Houston County reported...
" at our home about south of Centerville we had 8.5 inches of rain from 6 p.m. Saturday through 6 p.m. Sunday. From noon Sunday through 6 p.m. Sunday we had exactly 4.0 inches. These photos (below) were all taken within 1/4 mile of our house. The two houses in the photos are on high but flat ground. The water is NOT from a stream or runoff valley. The photo of the horse pasture and the "lot for sale" are in a low area but there is no stream nearby. The area only has water in it in cases of heavy rain."


Examples of Flooding in Houston County, Georgia ( click images to enlarge )
photos courtesy Jean Swann
[ too much water ] [ a brand new stream ]
[ water looking for a place to go ] [ water completely surrounds home ]

Examples of Hail in Gilmer County, Georgia
( click images to enlarge )
photos courtesy meteorologist Paul Ossmann (WXIA-TV in Atlanta)
[ putting 2 inch hail on ice ] [ did it snow? ]

Examples of Flooding in Columbus, Georgia
( click images to enlarge )
photos courtesy meteorologist Bryan Bennett, WRBL-TV
[ River Walk flooded ] [ the muddy Chattahoochee ]
[ River Walk sign nearly submerged ] [ whitewater ]