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  24 June 2003 Tornado Outbreak over southeast South Dakota



On the evening of June 24, 2003, eastern South Dakota experienced a record 67 tornadoes within an eight hour time frame. For members of our staff, it was a "career" night and one that won't soon be forgotten not only by this office but by many people that were affected by the storms. June 24, 2003 is best known for the tornado that destroyed the town of Manchester, SD. However, there were many other communities that were affected by tornadoes that evening, including Woonsocket, Davis, and Hartford just to name a few.

As the events of June 24th began to unfold, our friends at KSFY TV came out to do a behind the scenes look into the operations of our office. It just so happened they were here for one of the biggest, if the not "the" biggest, nights of severe weather in South Dakota history. Here's the video that provides a glimpse back in time on this day.




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Storm and Damage Photos

Due to the large number of photos we have received, we have divided the pictures onto two separate pages:

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