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The regional radar mosaic (valid 12-7 p.m.) shows a line of severe storms developing and initially racing across parts of Nebraska/Kansas before entering IA/MO/MN. 

During the afternoon-evening of Wed. Dec. 15, 2021, a highly unusual and impactful severe thunderstorm/tornado/high wind event took aim on our coverage area of south central NE/north central KS (along with other parts of the Central Plains/Midwest), incredibly just five years after a similarly-unusual (but overall-less-impactful) event back on Christmas Day 2016. Briefly summarizing what occurred in our local area: an intense and fast-moving low pressure system swept through the region, setting off:

1) A rapidly-moving squall line of severe thunderstorms that produced not only widespread, damaging straight-line winds, but also several, embedded tornadoes. In fact, nine total tornadoes were confirmed in our coverage area (five rated EF-1, four EF-0). 

2) Behind (in the wake of) the severe thunderstorms, a several-hours period of intense, damaging NON-thunderstorm westerly winds featuring widespread measured gusts of 60-80 MPH (and isolated, unofficial gusts to nearly 100 MPH!)

3) Due to the intense NON-thunderstorm winds and very dry air
in the wake of the earlier thunderstorms, several large wildfires (especially by our area's standards) broke out in north central
and central Kansas, affecting mainly southern portions of Osborne/Rooks counties in our coverage area (and also Russell/Ellis counties just south of our area). The Kansas Forest Service dubbed the largest of the fires the "Four Counties Fire", which burned a cumulative 121,600 acres (mostly within Russell/Ellis counties, but approx. 11,000 acres in Osborne County) These fires destroyed several homes/outbuilding and killed hundreds of livestock.

4) Lastly (and ironically for December of least-overall impact), far western/northern parts of our coverage area observed a brief period of wind-whipped snow/reduced visibility, although actual snow accumulation was typically only around one-half inch (primarily affecting Dawson/Sherman/Valley/Greeley counties). 

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