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Probably the best way to describe our weather through the upcoming work week, is that summer is certainly in no hurry to give way to fall. Based on long-term averages, we would typically expect to see high temperatures between 75 and 80 degrees this time of year. However, highs through the next five days will average a solid 5 to 10 degrees above this, especially early in the week. More specifically, today and Tuesday look to be the overall-hottest days of the next several, with highs well into the upper 80s to low 90s in Nebraska portions of the local area, and mid 90s common in north central Kansas. Overnight lows will also be quite warm, especially Monday night, when temperatures are expected to drop no farther than the lower 70s across most of the area. In addition to being the hottest days of the week, today and Tuesday will also be the windiest days. On both days, southerly sustained speeds of 15 to 25 MPH will be common, along with frequent gusts of 25 to 35 MPH, especially in the afternoons. From Wednesday through Friday, temperatures look to ease downward slightly, but still remain above average, with highs mainly in the mid to upper 80s. Wednesday also looks to feature the overall-lightest winds of the week, with speeds mainly under 15 MPH thanks to a weak front moving in from the north. Switching gears to precipitation, the main message here is that although there are a number of chances for rain and thunderstorms during the upcoming week, mainly from Tuesday night onward, most of these chances look to be fairly limited in nature. In other words, we are mainly talking isolated to scattered coverage, and not widespread heavy rain that will soak large portions of the area. In fact, odds are fairly good that most of our coverage area will measure less than 1 inch of rain over the course of the next week, despite the various chances in the forecast. Again though, the vast majority of rain chances this week will not kick in until Tuesday night and beyond. Before then, the daytime hours both today and Tuesday look dry, with only small chances for few spotty showers or weak thunderstorms tonight.