National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce

National Weather Service Forecast Office in Honolulu uses the criteria below for the issuance of High Surf Advisories and Warnings in coordination with civil defense agencies and water safety organizations in Hawai`i.

 On August 2, 2021, the advisory criteria for south- and east-facing shores changed from 8 feet to 10 feet.  (Service Change Notice)

All surf height observations and forecasts are for the full face surf height, from the trough to the crest of the wave.

Advisory and Warning Criteria
Location Advisory Warning
North-Facing Shores 15 Feet 25 Feet
West-Facing Shores - Big Island 8 Feet 12 Feet
West-Facing Shores - Remaining Islands 12 Feet 20 Feet
South-Facing Shores 10 Feet 15 Feet
East-Facing Shores 10 Feet 15 Feet