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The images on this page have UTC time stamps. UTC is 10 hours ahead of HST.

Visible Images - 1 kilometer resolution

Infrared Images - 4 kilometer resolution


State of Hawaii Infrared Satellite

State of Hawaii Visible Satellite

Kauai Visible Satellite

Oahu to Maui Visible Satellite

Big Island Visible Satellite


Click here for archived Satellite images over Hawaii (past 21 days only)

IMPORTANT: The following links for imagery are to servers maintained by the Satellite Services Division, a Division of the National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service (NESDIS). These images are not maintained by WFO Honolulu. If you are experiencing problems accessing these images, contact

Hourly imagery for Hawaii

Hourly imagery for the Central Pacific

Hourly imagery for the Eastern Pacific

Hourly Imagery for the North East Pacific

Hourly Imagery for the South Pacific

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The satellite desk routinely issues products covering approximately 15,000,000 square miles in support of Central Pacific Hurricane Center operations.