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Consolidated products:  Flood Watch and Flood Advisory; Reformatted products into:  What, Where, When, Impacts, Additional DetailsThe National Weather Service is consolidating and reformatting flash flood watches and flood advisories as part of the ongoing "Hazard Simplification" (HazSimp) project.  Specific changes include:

  • A Flood Watch for heavy rain will be headlined as "Flood Watch" instead of a "Flash Flood Watch"
  • Flood Advisory and Flood Watch products will use the "What, Where, When" format similar to high surf and summit winter weather warnings and advisories.

More details are available in this Service Change Notice and Fact Sheet.  For Hawaii-specific details, please see this short video from Kevin Kodama, Senior Service Hydrologist at the Honolulu Forecast Office:  

These changes were implemented on November 9, 2021, for NWS products in Hawaii.