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Kauai County



Molokai and Lanai



On March 3, 2020 (Service Change Notice issued December 17, 2019), the zone boundaries for portions of Maui and the Big Island will be redefined to properly account for altitude break points.  The zones being adjusted are HIZ022 Haleakala Summit (above 6000 ft), HIZ027 Big Island Interior (5000 to 8000 ft), and HIZ028 Big Island Summit (above 8000 ft). The adjacent zones will also be adjusted based on the changes made to the three elevation-defined zones.

The updated Maui map:

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Map of Maui showing the change in zones to be implemented on March 3, 2020.

The updated Big Island map:

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Map displaying the changes to the Big Island zones effective March 3, 2020.