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Tornado #1:  Pekin Tornado (Peoria and Tazewell Counties)


Pekin tornado track


Rating: EF-2
Peak wind: 120 mph
Touched down: 10:52 am CST
1.25 miles northwest of Pekin (Peoria County)
Lifted: 10:54 am CST
2.25 miles north-northeast of Pekin (Tazewell County)
Path length: 2.5 miles
Path width: 100 yards
Fatalities: 0
Injuries: 10

Survey Results:

This tornado crossed the Illinois River from Peoria County at 10:53 AM CST. It tracked through the northwest side of Pekin before lifting 2 miles northeast of Pekin at 10:54 AM CST. Approximately 179 houses and 6 businesses suffered major damage, while 182 houses experienced minor roof damage. In addition, 3 apartment buildings lost their roofs, a power substation had minor damage, and hundreds of cars were damaged. Ten people were injured.


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