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Tornado #5:  West Liberty (Jasper County)


West Liberty tornado track



Rating: EF-1
Peak wind: 100 mph
Touched down: 12:25 pm CST
West Liberty
Lifted: 12:29 pm CST
3.5 miles east-northeast of West Liberty
Path length: 3.5 miles
Path width: 100 yards
Fatalities: 0
Injuries: 0

Touch down occurred in village of West Liberty, along northern two roads of town.  Traveled east-northeast about 3.5 miles across Ste. Marie Rd.  Damage in town included several homes with roof damage, siding blown off, trees uprooted and broken at the trunk, and three utility poles broken.  An older one story house with a weak roof had roof blown off and two exterior walls collapsed. Semi trailer turned over.  About 1 mile to the east, several barn roofs blown off; at least one barn demolished. At least one pole broken a mile east, along 1700th Street.


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