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Snow on the ground at NWS Indianapolis in February 2023
Photo:  Snow on the ground at NWS Indianapolis in February 2023

Winter Weather Preparedness Week 2023

Governor Eric Holcomb has proclaimed November 5-11, 2023 as Winter Weather Preparedness Week in Indiana.

The National Weather Service (NWS) will conduct a winter weather preparedness campaign during the month of November. The purpose of the campaign is to remind Indiana citizens of winter’s hazards, how to stay safe, and to educate everyone about preparedness.

Please read our preparedness newsletter for timely information, including a winter outlook, safety tips, and more!

A variety of winter storm safety graphics and PSAs are available here as well.

NWS Indianapolis will issue daily Public Information Statements on various winter preparedness topics.  Click on a day for the text of that day's statement.

  • Sunday - Overview
  • Monday - Winter Outlook, Typical Winter Weather and Threats
  • Tuesday - Winter Weather Travel Safety
  • Wednesday - Safety Considerations for Schools
  • Thursday - Winter Safety Plans
  • Friday - Outdoor Safety during Winter
  • Saturday - Summary

Beyond the NWS, several state government partners, as well as the American Red Cross, are involved in communicating a message of preparedness and safety, no matter the location or circumstance.


The American Red Cross has information on their website about disaster preparedness kits and other tips to help you stay safe during dangerous winter weather and other emergencies.

The Indiana Department of Transportation reminds everyone to drive carefully during winter weather, and to provide snow plows with a safe amount of distance on the highway. Road and traffic information can be found at the INDOT website.  Click here for winter road safety information.

The Indiana Department of Education would like to remind parents to ensure that their children are dressed appropriately and warmly for cold and snowy conditions while waiting at the bus stop or traveling to and from school.

The Indiana Department of Homeland Security asks you to remember that, while the National Weather Service, local media, and public officials are here to help you prepare and to keep you informed, ultimately, you are responsible for your safety and that of your loved ones.  Take time to prepare BEFORE hazardous winter weather strikes.  Do not wait until it is too late.  Learn how to prepare for weather and other everyday hazards at the IDHS Get Prepared site.


In addition to extreme cold, ice, and snow, the number one weather-related killer can still make a major impact in central Indiana during the winter - flooding!  Melting snow and heavy rain can and often do combine with frozen or soggy ground and a lack of live vegetation to impede runoff to produce major flooding.  One such example occurred during January of 2005.  See the following links for heavy rain and flooding information:

Find the latest winter weather information here.

Experimental probabilistic snow and ice accumulation graphics are updated at least twice daily by NWS Indianapolis throughout the winter season.

See the image below (click for large image) for NWS Indianapolis' criteria for various winter weather advisory and warning products.

An image containing the criteria for various winter weather products issued by NWS Indianapolis

Finally, you can help weather researchers and operational meteorologists by reporting precipitation types and other weather phenomena quickly and easily from your mobile device, using an application from the Meteorological Phenomena Identification Near the Ground project, or mPING.

Ice on a bush after the February 2011 ice storm
Photo:  Ice on a bush after the February 2011 ice storm

Snow at NWS Indianapolis from the historic January 2014 snow storm
Photo:  Snow at NWS Indianapolis from the historic January 2014 snow storm.