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Specific river stages and forecasts can be found on our AHPS page, and Flood Safety information is also available.
Rainfall forecasts and discussions can be found on Weather Prediction Center's website.

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Radar and Satellite

Indianapolis Radar Loop
Indianapolis Radar Loop
Infrared Satellite Image
Satellite Image (Alternate View)


Forecast Graphics

Central Indiana 3 Day Total Rainfall Forecast

Rainfall Forecast for Central Indiana

Indiana 3 Day Total Rainfall  Forecast

Forecast for State of Indiana


Days 1 & 2 Precipitation Outlook from the Ohio River Forecast Center
Day 1 24 Hour Precipitation Forecast Day 2 24 Hour Precipitation Forecast

Days 1 & 2 
48 Hour Precipitation Forecast

OHRFC 24 hour Day 1 Precip forecast Day 2 24 hour forecast rainfall from OHRFC Latest 48 hour precipitation forecast from OHRFC
The above forecasts are what are put into the River Forecasts from the River Forecast Center

Individual Days 1 to 3 Precipitation Outlook from Weather Prediction Center

Day 1 24 Hour Precipitation Forecast Day 2 24 Hour Precipitation Forecast Day 3 24 Hour Precipitation Forecast
Day 1 QPF Image Day 2 Precip Outlook Day 3 Outlook
Day 1 Excessive Rainfall Outlook Day 2 Excessive Rainfall Outlook Day 3 Excessive Rainfall Outlook
Day 1 Excessive Rain Day 2 Excessive Rain Day 3 Excessive Rain



Multiple Day Summary Precipitation Outlook
 Days 1-3 Precipitation Total  Days 1-5 Total, Morning Issuance Days 1-5 Total, Evening Issuance
Days 1-3 Precip Forecast Day 1-5 Outlook Morning Issuance Days 1-5 Summary, Evening Issuance


Significant Flood Outlook

Flood Outlook Image


Model Ensemble River Forecasts


National Flood Overview

national flood overview


Flood Text Products





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