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Notable Quotes

"It looks like Mother Nature made a bombing run." "When I went outside this morning, you could hear limbs popping all over the place."

Wayne Nicholas, Bolivar Commercial managing editor



"Hellish green flashes apparently from exploding transformers lit the night sky in Greenville Thursday - a vision almost equaled by the constant crashing of limbs and ice everywere"



Delta Democrat Times



"It looks just like one gigantic tornado came through here." "It was quite severe." "...worse than I had expected."



Kirk Fordice, Mississippi governor



"It's like a war zone out there..." "I hate to say this, but remember these early films of atomic bomb destruction? That's what it reminded me of." "There are very few streets you can go down. Every tree is broken down. It is a disaster."



Frank Self, Greenville mayor



"It's disastrous here. We're just trying to make it as best we can. I'm 58 years old and I've never seen anything like this."



James Rodges, Shaw mayor



"In the 70 year history of Delta State University, we've never had this type of devastation to the campus..."



Dr. Kent Wyatt, Delta State University president



"It's bad. I can't describe the extent of the damage to the city. It's the worst we've ever seen."



Evereth Stanton, Shaw public works director



"It's a disaster here..."



Robert Leflore, Pace mayor



"The entire area could have been used as the set for a movie of the Battle of Fallen Timbers"



Deborah Powell, The Enterprise-Tocsin (Indianola)



"What was uncanny Thursday was when if you'd go outside and it was like snap, snap, snap. I mean, you would think you'd run out of limbs to snap off, but it was just steady going"



Jim Hedges, Mississippi Power & Light



"Some of these are 95-foot steel transmission poles with a 43 inch concrete base that have been folded"



Don Meiners, Mississippi Power & Light president



"This is the worst outage we've had in Mississippi -- ever"



Ed Jussley, Mississippi Power & Light



It took 44 years to put this system together, and 80 percent of it went down in two nights."



Don Fletcher, Ashley-Chicot Electic Co-op general manager



"As we picked it up, it was falling down behind us"



Bob Owens, Mississippi Power & Light District Manager (Cleveland)



"I've been at Mississippi Power & Light 30 years, and this is the worst storm that I've ever seen."



Joe Pezant, Mississippi Power & Light



"It looked like a war zone when I drove into the visitor's center area after the storm"



Bob Bridges, Felsenthal National Wildlife Refuge manager